Hey all! So, my names Mandi Roberson. I’m from Charlotte NC, photography is my passion! I own rLife. Photography . To be perfectly honest… I could write a book about my life lol! I’ve been through so much, so many ups and downs, but it’s through those ups and downs that I’ve found God. Without Him I wouldn’t be where I’m at now! My favorite saying that inspires me is “Pray about everything, worry about nothing”. I live by that everyday. It kind of goes back to handing your life over to God, sounds easy to do, but actually doing it is much harder! Praying, trusting, and just putting your life in Gods hands. I pray that everyone finds God and can have the same peace of mind that I do, that everyone can feel the true love of God, how much he truly loves us! It’s more than we’ll ever know!

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